Thanks for visiting my blog. I am BNL Bali Grl, otherwise known as Bali. I started letterboxing in September 2006. I'm addicted and wish I would have heard about this fanastic hobby years ago. I primarily plant and find boxes in the SE Michigan area. I hope to meet you out on the trails soon! Feel free to contact me at BNLBaliGrl@sbcglobal.net

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fall Event!

Double Dragon and I are planning a letterboxing scavenger hunt this fall in SE Michigan. It will be kind of set up like a road rally. More information here.... http://creepycrawl2007.blogspot.com/ . This site will be updated with information as it is available.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Update complete!

Well, I think I've completely updated my blog to date. I've added
links for my plants, a diary of my finds, listings of exchanges and
spoiler photos of my stamps. This has been a lot of work, but quite
a bit of fun, too. I've been mad at myself for not saving copies of
my "find reports" that I send to the placers. On my "finds" page,
I've tried to recreate those emails from my memory and the notes I
took in my log book. It's been a great journey into the past to
relive some of these finds. I haven't been out boxing for several
weeks, so this has been a little bit of a "fix" for me. I hope you
enjoy this blog. Please let me know if there's anything else you'd
like to see here.

ISO Shocka Ankh hitchhiker

Oh where or where could my little hitch hiker be? It was released into the wild 10/1/06 in Genesee County, MI and I haven't heard a word about it since. I'm not looking to have it returned to me yet. I just wonder how it's doing and where it's gone. Have you seen it? If so, let me know the vitals! I'm curious!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogging Finds

Whole lotta work! I've been working on blogging my finds to date! What a pain! I'm glad I'm doing it because boxes I've found previously have gone missing or are being retired so the online logs on LbNA and AQ are inaccurate. I don't really care about the "numbers", but it's nice to see where I've been. So, having this up to date will be great! I had to stop for the night because blogspot decided I was a spammer after I sent too many posts. LOL I only have about 16 or so more to log, but I don't want to do the word verification thing for every post. I will wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to finish.

There's a link over there --------> if you're interested in reading about my "finding adventures".

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Calling all site owners and bloggers

I am looking for some great resources to add to this page. Do you
have a personal letterboxing website or blog you'd like to share? If
so, post the link here or drop me an email with the URL.

Do you have a favorite "resource" site you use all the time in your
boxing adventures? Maybe a favorite mapping program, park website,
puzzle solver, topo map or something else noteworthy? Again, post
the link here or drop me an email. I'd love to share the links with
other letterboxers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting Started!

Hello! I haven't been out letterboxing in a few weeks and I'm going through withdrawals, so I decided to set up this blog!

I'm just getting started setting up this blog. I have clues to all of my letterboxes posted. I'd love to hear any suggestions for other things I should add to this page.

I would like to link my site to other local letterboxers in the Michigan or Great Lakes area! Do you have a website or blog you'd like me to link? If so, send it over and I'll post it straight away! (Straight away? I think I just channelled a Brit!) I take that back, I'll post it right away!

Nomadic Gnome - Summer Home Letterbox

Placement Date: 6/24/2007
County: Wayne
Nearest City: Brownstown

Hi there! My name is Jerome and I’m a Nomadic Gnome. My parents are always nagging me to settle down, establish a home and be a good citizen! But, I’m antsy and I get bored easily. I don’t want to stay in the same place all the time. Plus, I’m really indecisive. I’ve never really found a place that I love all the time. So, I have found four places in Michigan that I love and I relocate every few months. This way, I get the best of everything all year long! What could be better? In the winter, I go tobogganing and sledding. In the spring, it’s the love of flowers that calls me. What’s better than summer at the lake? Oooh, well, there’s cider, donuts and the smell of a crisp fall day. That’s pretty good, too! You can see why I can’t settle, right? So, come see me! I expect to see you four times a year in all my favorite places. When you decide to come visit, be sure to verify that I’m home first. I’d hate for you to try to go tobogganing in June and doughnut eating in February!

Summer Home: Jerome lives here from approximately mid June to around Labor Day.

Status: He’s Home! Come visit.

Lake Erie Metro Park
32481 W Jefferson, Brownstown, MI
Open 6am-10pm Daily. $4 per car (additional fees for wave pool, golf and boating)

Sorry, no pets on the nature trail!

It’s Summer! Golf! Picnics! Swimming! Wave Pool! Hiking! Nature Center! Boating! And a whole lot more!

Hi there! I’m Jerome! It’s nice to meet you. I’ve moved into my summer home at Lake Erie. I hope you come to visit me. If you do, head into the park and follow the signs to the Marshlands Museum and Nature Center. Once there, you can park anywhere that suits you. (For a longer walk, park by the Wave Pool and walk on the paved Hike-Bike trail to the museum) There are some really cool fish tanks and marsh displays inside the museum. You should go check them out! I bet you’ll find a neat little trail map inside, too. There’s also some information about a Metro Parks geo-caching adventure here. Please don’t ask anyone about me, though!

Look around the museum for a bit. You can head upstairs for some cozy chairs and a nice view. Or if you’re ready to come visit, head out the back door to find the mulch trail off to the left. There’s a boat dock here that’ll lead you astray, feel free to stop and observe or just head along on your way. Ohh, a cute little boardwalk bridge! Weee! Another overlook and a sportsman’s bench to distract you! Keep on going past the bench. And soon another overlook pulls you away. Go take a look, or just keep on walking. Hundreds of birds singing and singing! Another boardwalk and another gorgeous view. Aren’t the flowers lovely here? There was a beautiful big heron down to the left a ways when I moved in. Is he there now? Keep on walking down the main path, there’s a duck hunters bench for the weary. Keep walking, I think you’re getting close now! Mmmmm, berries! Can you smell their sweetness? Better not pick any, though. Keep walking along, straight ahead, don’t go left! I see another duck hunters bench that looks good for a rest. Another overlook down the long path to the right. Better not skip this one! When I moved in, a monarch butterfly and a dragonfly were chasing me around and dive-bombing me at the end of the boardwalk! I had a lot of fun watching and playing with them, so I decided this seemed like a good place to live. Don’t you agree? On your way back up to the bench, on the north side of the trail, look under the boards just where they meet the gravel. Do you see my house? Remember to cover me up and hide me well when you leave. I hate visits from muggles!

When you’re ready to go home, turn right past the bench and continue along your way to finish your journey. Keep walking for a while! Don’t let that big black dog scare you. He won’t bite! Just one last boardwalk and your car should be in sight.

Notes: I thought there was a beach here, but it turns out there isn’t! So for the purposes of my “accessories”, please pretend the umbrellas at the wave pool have stripes and that the concrete is really sand! =). If you’re looking for a good beach in the area, Sterling State Park is about 15 miles south. Take I-75 to exit 15. I heard a rumor that there may be a box located there!

Box Notes:
This box is completely airtight and water proof when closed correctly. Please take care that there is no plastic or dirt between the lid seal and box. Snap all four latches completely when closing.

Do not place this box inside of a plastic bag.

Note, there is no inkpad inside of this box! Remember to bring your own! If you’re creative, you may want to bring markers so that you can color the individual parts and pieces of these stamps appropriately. The Gnome stamp remains the same all year, but the scenery and accessories vary for each homestead. You can use any or all of the accessories to decorate your scene. If you plan to visit all four locations throughout the year, you should use at least one of the accessories, so you can differentiate the Gnome from place to place.

This box is very tightly packed and needs to be closed properly to be watertight. Please do not place hitchhikers in this box.